Sunday, July 25, 2010

Long Time No Speak

So, I'm not the best at keeping up with blogs apparently ;) Since I am now home with Sarah all day I should be better. Below are the newest pictures I have. These were taken in June. Sarah turned 4 years old Saturday. She tells me that she is a big girl now and she shouldn't have to hold hands to cross the street. I tell her that even big girls have to hold hands crossing the street. Keeping up with Sarah is always a challenge. We are finally completely potty trained!!! Big accomplishment in this house. Today we went in to the doctor for shots and blood draw. It seems that her body may be processing small amounts of milk protein. The doctors are unsure at the moment, but are seeing a decrease in levels in her blood stream and since we haven't changed her diet, that seems to be the only option. This is not unheard of in anomalies like Sarah's, so pray with us that her life might get a little easier for her to manage. This would mean that while she still can't have much milk, as she is allergic to the protein as well, she will be able to tolerate small amounts. So, soy milk stays, but less concern in things such as bread, cakes, etc. that we are having to closely monitor right now. She still won't be able to have say ice cream or cheese, but she could have processed foods that have milk in them. That would make my life a lot easier! We shall see. Well, enjoy the photos!

Sarah and Kytalin -October 2008

Sarah and Kytalin - June 2010

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