Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well, February came and went with no major issues. Sarah is still having ear infections, but not nearly as many and with a greater length of time between. It seems that staying home has helped her. She is moving and grooving with great speed and entertainment. She has had some great little quips lately. I will give you a few Sarahisms for your enjoyment.

1. When Daddy doesn't come when he's called by Sarah, she simply helps him comply with a Daddy Beth or Daddy Elizabeth come. here.

2. Sarah can tell when she is growing. One day she informs me that she can tell because her skin gets curly.

3. When Sarah grows up, she is going to be a bus driver. However, she will only drive people to school.

4. Baby dolls should have names like Fingernails and Chewable(she got that from the method of delivery of her meds right now)

5. Stuffed animals, however, should have names like SaryBeary and TeddyTeddy.

6. Apparently age goes in reverse for adults. Many conversations with Sarah start with "mommy, when you're 4 like me..."

7. My all-time favorite: Sarah has acquired pinworms recently. She took medicine for them last night along with the rest of the family. This morning she woke up and said "Mommy, I slept better last night. Tamara(our nurse practitioner) must have gave me great medicine cause the hiney worms are gone!"

There is never a dull moment with Sarah. We are presently going through our helpless stage. Fortunately we seem to be on the tail end of it.

Here are a few pictures for you photo lovers!

Riding her big girl bike!

Loves her Daddy!

She has her own style!

Playing in the tent with Kyrianna and Keyona.

Playing a game with Uncle Jeremy.

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