Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God is Good All the Time!

As August comes to a close I look back at the last month and enjoy the grace and mercy that is so visible in my life.  Sarah has had a hard month.  What started as a stomach bug has become a new diet for Sarah.  Sarah began urinating excessively during her stomach virus.  This continued and is still going on.  She began eating less and drinking frequently.  After a loss of eight pounds, I became very concerned and called the doctor who was equally concerned.  Being as diabetes exists on both sides of Sarah's genes there was reason for concern.  At the next visit with the doctor Sarah had gained four of her pounds back, but was still urinating all the time and excessively at night.  Blood tests were run on everything from the normal cbc, thyroid, kidney function, hepatic (liver) function, a1c (diabetes), etc.  The poor child had a painful blood draw (her vein was clipped) that revealed a lack of protein in her system that is causing a ketone problem, which explains the thirst and urination.  All in all, a simple change in diet is needed.  It seems that Sarah's digestive track is having problems with meat, and she is not taking in enough protein.  No big deal.  Her a1c will continue to be monitored over the rest of her childhood as she is a high risk for diabetes.  I am seeing this as a small problem that showed us what could have ended up a big problem.  Not enough protein in her system can cause problems with the kidneys which is a concern with her liver problems.  So, now we know about a developing problem, and the doctors are more aware of her medical history and if she ever develops Diabetes they will know it very quickly, which is paramount in dealing with the condition.  I have had to realize through this that she very well may develop it in her lifetime, and if she does, I know this will be part of God's perfect plan for her life.  I have been forced to remember this month that Sarah is first and foremost God's, she is not mine.  I think as parents we sometimes forget this about our children. 

On a lighter note, Sarah's cousin Ava turned 3 years old this month.  I was asked to make cupcakes for the party.  Sarah "needed" to help make them.  So, I measured everything out and ran the mixer, and Sarah made the cupcakes.  Here is a picture of the process!

I hope your August has found you well, I look forward to sharing my September with you.

God bless you and keep you safe!

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