Monday, August 16, 2010

If you're Sarah and you know it....

Dance Around!!!

So today you get a video of Sarah.  She has taken around a year and a half of dance classes, but she seems to have a style all her very own.  Sarah loves ballet.  Lately she has been interested in watching Angelina Ballerina where she has picked up some of the moves you will see in the video below.  Today was a fun day with Sarah.  It seems that we have been using the wrong motivation for encouraging Sarah to get her chores done.  Today as I was cleaning in the kitchen and Jeremy was helping Sarah return her toys to her room she ran into the kitchen to make sure I hadn't mopped yet.  She "needed" to mop herself.  I asked her if she had the freedom to and she quickly ran back to pick up all of the toys.  When she had finished she ran back ready to take the mop.  Apparently the motivation for Sarah to get her chores done is ... more chores?  Well, at least the privilege of mopping!

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